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Fully synthetic oil|Best companies and distributors

DDue to advances in washing machines, brands of laundry detergents have also tried to advance the technology of washing machines and bring the best laundry detergents to market.  When the laundry detergents first came on the market, these detergents were in powder form, and this process continued for many years until in recent years I witnessed the presence of laundry detergents in the market.Since we have been using detergent powders for a long time, it is difficult for people to accept a little bit of laundry detergent at first, so in this article we have tried to explain the difference between washing liquid and powder until  To buy from detergents.fully synthetic oil is generally important material.


Fully synthetic oil|Best companies and distributors

Why is fully synthetic oil Better?

Why is fully synthetic oil Better?Fully synthetic oil is so better compare we want to give you some information about it.Washing liquid is a mild detergent. So when your clothes are very dirty, we recommend using a washing powder because the washing powder has more cleansing power than the washing liquid, but if the clothes are not too dirty or do not smell too dry.  , Use the washing liquid for washing.what is synthetic oil made of that. Since the washing power of laundry powders is very high, so if your clothing texture is delicate and sensitive, it is better not to use the powder for washing because the same high cleaning power over time will damage the texture of sensitive clothing.  hits.  Under these conditions, it is best to use a washing liquid.

The body of children is very sensitive, so care should be taken when washing.  Therefore, due to the high strength of washing powders in washing clothes, we recommend using washing liquid to wash children’s clothes as this is a mild detergent and does not harm the skin of the baby after the wash.When using a washing liquid, you do not have the problem of dissolving the detergent during the wash.Because some washing powders do not dissolve well in water when used in a washing machine, and after washing, you will see white powder as a round on the clothes, which is due to the lack of proper dissolution.  And the perfect powder detergent.washing fluid is made for different types of clothes and we see black, white and colored laundry in the market if this is not the case for washing powders.

What is fully synthetic oil made of?

What is fully synthetic oil made of? Most manufacturers produce both liquid and powder products for a variety of customers.  Liquid detergents and powders have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of powder detergents are as follows: advantages :

 • Powders are generally cheaper.full synthetic oil vs synthetic blend

 • Their packaging is cardboard and more environmentally friendly.

• Powders are more durable than liquids, allowing you to store and buy in bulk, saving you money.

 • Powder ingredients such as bleach and surfactant are more stable.


 • Powder does not dissolve easily in water and causes white stains on clothing, unless you use warm water which requires more energy and cost if using hot water.

 • Sodium sulfate inside the powder will damage sewage systems in the long run.

 • Powder is higher than liquids containing chemicals.


Synthetic oil best distributors and companies

Synthetic oil best distributors and companiesSynthetic oil distributors and companies are mostly from Asia countries.majority of Asian countries have the main part of synthetic oil because oil of those countries is so pure, nice and a lot. 

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