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best oil for cars| How Is the Profit Of Motor Oil Business?

Considering that engine oil is one of the most important and essential factors in car maintenance, one must be careful in its selection. Motor oil is like blood in the veins of the human body and has the task of transporting the materials needed to the cells. The faster the oil is transferred to the engine, the more efficient it is.That is why choosing the best oil for cars is very important.There are many Iranian manufacturers in the car oil market, which, in addition to excellent quality, are much cheaper.

best oil for cars| How Is the Profit Of Motor Oil Business?

How do I know what oil to put in my car?

How do I know what oil to put in my car?The health of a car engine is very important and plays an important role in its acceleration, pollution and fuel consumption. One of the ways to take care of the engine is to use the best engine oil.One of the important factors in choosing the right engine oil is the weather conditions and the type of engine used. For
cold climates, it is best to use engine oils that are thinner at lower
temperatures or, in other words, have lower viscosity to avoid damaging
the vehicle’s engine during the first cold day and to start the engine
For cities located in the tropics, engine oils are suitable for high viscosity.

oils are divided into three main groups: mineral, synthetic and
semi-synthetic and their main difference is in the way they are
manufactured and the elements used in their manufacture.
Synthetic and semi-synthetic oils are becoming more widely used today.

Asian motor oil manufacturers at low prices

Asian motor oil manufacturers at low pricesThere are a wide variety of brands around the world in the field of automobile oil production, including European, Asian and American brands.That’s why it’s so hard to choose the best engine oil in the world.Asian brands are mainly located in countries such as China, India and Iran. Among these countries, Iran enjoys tremendous advantages.Iranian companies are in the top 100 synthetic oil brands. It is ahead of its competitors in having significant oil resources for motor oil production and using these resources in engine oil production. This advantage has made Iran’s neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, the Caucasus and the Middle East the main customers of Iranian engine oils.

Iranian motor oil with high qualities and low prices

Iranian motor oil with high qualities and low pricesAmong Asian brands, Iranian brands of motor oil have excellent quality. A much lower price is one of the other advantages of motor oils in Iran. For these reasons, they are popular in many Asian and European countries. The
use of up-to-date technologies and cheap raw materials in the
production of these automobile oils is one of the reasons for this
Iranian manufacturers export different engine oil types to China, India, Pakistan, Iraq, the Gulf states, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Why Iranian motor oils are cheaper?

Why Iranian motor oils are  cheaper?Iranian engine oil manufacturers have been able to attract many customers in various countries from Asia to Europe and from the Middle East to North Africa by producing the best quality of engine oil. In addition to having rich oil resources, Iran is one of the most populous countries with a young population and a cheap labor force. The cheap labor force alongside the proximity to the large consumer market for motor oil and consequently reduced shipping costs has reduced the price of Iranian motor oil. The low price is an advantage that, along with high quality, makes the purchase of Iranian oils attractive to customers.

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